Where is Offshore Wind Energy being Developed in the Northeast?

While the National Sea Grant Offshore Wind Energy Liaison is a national position, the Initiative will focus first on the northeast, which is experiencing rapid and expansive offshore wind energy development. We will expand our scope as development expands. 

Click on each lease block in the map below to view project information for active OWE projects from Maine to New York. Visit the Northeast Ocean Data Portal for additional online resources that consolidate available data to visualize and analyze ocean resources and human use information such as fishing grounds, recreational areas, shipping lanes, habitat areas, and energy sites, including offshore project areas and cable corridors for certain wind energy projects. For more mapping tools, visit BOEM’s Renewable Energy Mapping and Data Site


Click on the lease blocks for more info.

New England Aqua Ventus/Gulf of Maine Research Array Revolution Wind South Fork Wind Sunrise Wind Bay State Wind Vineyard Wind 1 Beacon Wind Mayflower Wind Empire Wind 1 Empire Wind 2 New England Wind/Park City Wind New England Wind/Commonwealth Wind Liberty Wind Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind OW Ocean Winds East Attentive Energy Bight Wind Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Bight Invenergy Wind Offshore Block Island Wind Farm

New England Aqua Ventus/Gulf of Maine Research Array

NE Aqua Ventus

Developer: University of Maine/RWE/Mitsubishi

Affected States: Maine

Size: 12 MW

# of homes powered: 4,200

Estimated commercial operation date: 2023

Type of turbine: Floating

Other information: This is an experimental research array.

New England Aqua Ventus Website 

State of Maine Governor's Energy Office


Gulf of Maine Research Array

University of Maine will partner with New England Aqua Ventus developers, RWE and Mitsubishi to develop one of the first pre-commercial scale (50-200MW) floating offshore wind projects in the world. This array will highlight UMaine's floating technology. UMaine's foundations are semi-submersible and would take advantage of the existing manufacturing and construction industry in Maine. This project is limited to 12 turbines or fewer.

For more information about the research array, visit the State of Maine Governor's Energy Office's FAQs about the Gulf of Maine Floating Offshore Wind Research Array

Revolution Wind

This image shows the Revolution Wind Farm Offshore Project Area

Commercial Lease #: OCS-A 0486

Lease size: 97,498 acres, 394.56 square km

Developer: Ørsted/Eversource

Revolution Wind: MA, RI, CT

Size: 704 MW

# of homes powered: 246,400

Estimated commercial operation date: 2023

Type of turbine: Monopile, 8 MW SG DD-167

# of turbines: 88

Revolution Wind Website

FAST41 Revolution Wind Permitting Timeline

BOEM- Revolution Wind